Shenzhen Lianjingjie Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract for the supply and installation of the entire line of Huaxing Optoelectronics
Time: 2020-02-10
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Shenzhen Lianjingjie Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to being the world's best research and development, manufacturing and service provider of electrostatic protection and ESD intelligent IoT system. The online intelligent electrostatic control system developed by the company is the world's first, the purpose is: the system to solve the electrostatic hazard, Comprehensively improve the quality control, realize the informatization and refined management of intelligent manufacturing, serve the national strategy of modern industry 4.0, and provide value services for the construction of smart factories and digital workshops in key areas.
The main business of UNESD includes: electrostatic detection, elimination, monitoring and protection products; design, upgrade, transformation and installation of electrostatic protection engineering; electrostatic technology consulting and services; smart anti-static wrist straps, ankle straps BAKON and Zhongzhiguan Business includes: solder desoldering tools, repair tools, electric screwdrivers, electronic power tools, industrial tools, instruments, electronic accessories, etc .; intelligent networked solder temperature control system, intelligent detection smoke purification system, intelligent network screw lock payment machine and other industrial automation , Intelligent equipment, etc.
Lianjingjie is an industry start-up company whose mission is: "Realize the service of static electricity to human beings and help global intelligent manufacturing." Since its establishment two years ago, its independent ESD intelligent management and control system and its products have been applied to: Gree, Haier, Hisense and other home appliance manufacturing industries; high-end display manufacturing industries such as Truly, Ophir, Huaxing Optoelectronics; mobile phone foundry production lines of brands such as Huawei, Iphone, OPPO; semiconductor packaging, optoelectronics, high-end electronic manufacturing processes, etc. In September 2018, the company formulated a new development strategy: "Customer-centric, R & D as the fundamental" According to customer needs, we continue to provide competitive products, services and more comprehensive quality control system solutions. Intelligent manufacturing escort.